Why An East Africa Chapter?

By Luanga Junior Kasanga

Luanga Junior Kasanga is the Director of Youtheoria East Africa-Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania

In East Africa, there is a regional bloc consisting of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi called the East Africa Community. The modern iteration of the EAC was formed in 2000, with South Sudan joining the other five later in 2016.

The East African Federation flag

The countries share open borders and there have even been plans to share a common currency, similar to the European Union, as well as form one country called the “East African Federation” in the future, but those are currently on hold. The EAC member states currently possess key trade agreements between each other, and frequently pool money together to fund different infrastructure projects in the different countries, such as a new highway or port; these initiatives create numerous jobs for both the local and regional economy.

While each country obviously has their own distinct traditions and ethos, they do share many aspects of their cultures with each other, and are similar all the same. Many of their social issues, especially between Tanzania and Kenya for example, are shared. That’s why we felt it would be more suitable to form a regional chapter rather than individual countries, because it would be a bit more relevant and wider reaching for our varied, yet interconnected social contexts!

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