Meet Our New Chapter Directors!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

As summer winds down, we are excited to announce our new chapter model. Individual regions will have chapters; these groups will host workshops on local topics, partner with other international chapters for events, and create sustainable community advocacy projects. Youtheoria will also continue to offer international workshops on a monthly basis.

Our Chapter Directors are all dedicated individuals with immense engagement in their local community. We couldn't ask for a better team! Make sure to check out the chapters' social media and sign up if you live in a chapter region.

USA East Coast Chapter

Julia Angel (she/her)

Julia Angel (she/her) is a student activist in Maryland. She is the Secretary for MoCo Pride, a student-led LGBTQ+ advocacy organization in Montgomery County, and is one of the founders of MoCo Against Brutality, a group that advocates for an end to police violence and criminal justice reform on a local and state level. She is passionate about the humanities, specifically visual arts and public speaking, and she uses these passions to advocate for racial, socioeconomic, and LGBTQ+ issues in her community.

Kyson Taylor (he/him)

Kyson Taylor, one of the co-founders of the organization Moco Against Brutality, is youth activist from Montgomery County Maryland. He specializes in minority as well as climate activism and has a passion for speech and debate. Kyson is one of the co-directors of Youtheoria’s chapter on the US' East Coast! Currently, he works with a variety of Maryland based organizations to incite meaningful social change.

United Kingdom (UK) Chapter

Darcey Haddow (she/her)

Darcey Haddow is a Sheffield student and independent local advocate for racial issues. She is involved in the international justice organisation CISV and local youth development programs as well as public speaking and debate on a national level.

Emily Morris (she/her)

Emily Morris is a UK- based activist. She attends Silverdale School and is interested in environmental advocacy and mental health awareness.

East Africa Chapter

Luanga Junior Kasanga (he/him)

Luanga Junior Kasanga is the Tanzania director of Youtheoria East Africa. For the past few years, he has always been engaged with global affairs and the issues of different communities, attempting to understand both sides of an issue before forming his opinion. He hopes that the Tanzanian chapter will lead to not only increased awareness, but more meaningful change in relevant communities while fostering a healthy attitude for discussion!

Pakistan Chapter

Maria Mooraj (she/her)

Maria (she/her) has been involved in lots of debating and student council activities. This is her first time working on something like Youtheoria. She hopes the Pakistan chapter will help to bring new interests and awareness to people her age about issues all around the world and encourage students to pursue initiatives like this! She hope that Youtheoria Karachi will be able to make a small change through some projects locally as well.

Canada Chapter
Arian Tomar (he/him)

Arian Tomar (he/him) is a youth leader from Minnesota. Over the last three years, he has engaged extensively with youth programs ranging in focus from public health to financial literacy to cross cultural communication to global leadership. These experiences drove him to create Younite, a youth leadership program that equips youth with the skills, connections, support, and opportunities to be the change they want to see in the world. Arian is passionate about education and STEM. In the future, he would like to use his experience in leadership and community organizing to mindfully employ developments in the STEM fields for the betterment of all.

Hong Kong Chapter
Abigail Ng (she/her)

Abigail (she/her) is a Hong Kong based student and is the director of the Hong Kong Chapter of Youtheoria. With a passion in international politics and promoting social justice, Abigail has been involved in multiple student-lead organizations and charities to help kickstart service projects. She hopes that through Youtheoria HK, more students benefit from the global dialogues and international diplomacy.

Noor Rizvi (she/her)

Noor Rizvi (she/her) has held multiple roles, ranging from Form Captain to Head of Publicity and Co-head of multiple in-school magazines. The Hong Kong Chapter is an opportunity for students to discuss social issues in a safe setting -The Chapter will flourish and bloom and she urges those interested in the wide array of discussions being presented to grasp this opportunity, as there may never be another like it for many. Noor will work hard to make this a fruitful opportunity alongside her director.

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